Tenuta Guardastelle

Your lifetime experience in Tuscany

Vineyards Visit and Wine Tasting

In the lands around San Gimignano we grow vines and olive trees in line with the great passion that our family has handed down to us. We are happy to show you our little creation: Tenuta Guardastelle, one of the smallest wineries around San Gimignano.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to guide you on a vineyard tour and offer the fruits of our commitment and hard work. The winery, on the premises, is actually open everyday (check the opening times below) for wine tasting and vineyards visit.


When we approach the subject of wine, it is so vast that it is quite easy to get lost, so let’s stick to the specifics of what are currently the two most important appellations of San Gimignano: Chianti, particularly the Chianti Colli Senesi subzone, and Vernaccia di San Gimignano; both of which are produced in small quantities but with great pride at Tenuta Guardastelle, a small family-run winery in Tuscany.


The main homestead consists of five rooms, the names of which are dedicated to the grandparents and an aunt: Renato, Teresa, Francesca, Settimio and Sibilla.

All varying in size, each room has a different colour scheme and furnishings in typical Tuscan style, making them elegant and homely at the same time. All the rooms have an enchanting view of San Gimignano and the surrounding hills, allowing you to constantly savour to the full the beauty and peace of this land.


Orione, Perseo, Virgo, Andromeda, Antilia. The names of our five apartments are dedicated to the constellations and not by chance. 

On summer evenings it is possible to admire many of the star formations in the heavens with the naked eye while the crickets sing in the background and the fireflies imitate the stars along the romantic road that in only a twenty-minute walk leads to San Gimignano.

Our Tuscan Cooking Classes Experience

Bring home the genuine flavor of TuscanyJoin us in preparing traditional family recipes, share the passion for cooking and the value of the conviviality of a good meal.

Cooking is one of our great passions. 

We aren’t chefs, but as we grew up we used to watch our grandmothers and mums preparing the traditional Tuscan dishes day after day. Gestures, fragrances and flavours all form part of our history and have entered into our DNA.