Tenuta Guardastelle San Gimignano

Our Values

Our Values, Our Vision, Our Mission

Born almost as a challenge and for the simple pleasure of welcoming guests into our home, Guardastelle has grown a lot in recent years thanks to our desire to do better and better, keeping pace with the times, and also thanks to the qualified staff we have surrounded ourselves with. Our passion for welcoming guests from all over the world has grown with it.

We love making people feel at home right from the start, and we are just as happy to listen to guests’ stories as we are to tell our own.

The area where we are is a combination of art and culture closely linked to the nature of the location and its cultivation. Now more than ever before we believe it is extremely important to protect it and to adopt the most eco-sustainable cultivation techniques possible.

That’s why:

  • we have begun replacing all plastic materials with recycled and recyclable materials
  • we raise awareness among guests in relation to separate waste collection, which is also extended to those staying in the apartments
  • we actively promote the possibility of free parking at the hotel, encouraging guests to walk into San Gimignano, avoiding unnecessary CO² emissions
  • we have a collection system that channels all rainwater into our pond, which is used to irrigate the estate’s gardens
  • we have recycled concrete posts from the old vineyards to set up an area for composting organic matter (such as kitchen scraps and leftover prunings) to be used as fertiliser for our fields.

Since Guardastelle opened its doors to guests of all nationalities, we have enjoyed very interesting experiences working with groups of guests, weddings, wine tasting groups and tour operators (both Italian and international). This has led us to work in a different way, favouring families and couples seeking relaxation and a peaceful environment that gives them the chance to listen to each other again.

We believe in the slow tourist who likes to find out more about the place they are visiting and learn about its history and local traditions. Our wine tasting activities and cooking classes are designed specifically to give guests time to get to know some of the traditions of our region, taste the food and wine, and return home enriched with new experiences.

We strongly recommend spending at least four nights at the estate in order to better understand our philosophy of hospitality and the surrounding area