Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Bagatto"

Although it is made in small quantities, the production of extra virgin olive oil is not to be forgotten. Everything concerning the processing of the estate’s 400 or so olive trees is carried out by hand, from pruning to harvesting, which traditionally took place from the beginning of November. In recent years, due to constant climatic changes, the harvest has been brought forward to around mid-October and, in 2014, we were forced to skip production due to the absolutely unfavourable weather conditions and the very poor quality of the olives.

Production is very limited at between 300 and 450 litres of oil in particularly favourable years, and is often sold out before new production begins; the extra virgin oil made here is a blend of three local varieties: Frantoiano, Leccino and Moraiolo, which deliver a perfect balance of aroma, spiciness and bitterness without any one of these being predominant over the others.

To ensure a quality product, the olives are milled within 48 hours of harvesting. From that moment and for the next two to three months, the product has typical organoleptic characteristics and is referred to as “new oil”.

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